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A core value of the Multnomah Bar Association is to further the administration of justice and to serve the public. Fully funded, safe and effective courts are essential to this mission. From the MBA's Bylaws:

  • The Association's Mission Statement is: Lawyers associated for Justice, Service, Professionalism, Education and Leadership for our members and our community.
  • Additionally, the bylaws specify that the organization's purpose is: To further the administration of justice, and to serve the public, and to maintain the dignity and honor of the legal profession.
On this webpage, the MBA provides our members with current court-related information.

DRAFT 2017 SLRs Available for Comment

The draft SLRs for the 4th Judicial District, which will become effective February 1, 2017, are available for review and comment. These rules will be submitted to the State Court Administrator on September 1, 2016. Comments or questions about the proposed changes may be sent to: MUL.Public.Information@ojd.state.or.us

2016 Out of Cycle Probate SLRs Available
The Chief Justice has approved out-of-cycle SLRs, which will be in effect July 13. Questions may be directed to Neal Japport, Deputy Trial Court Administrator.

eCourt Open Hours
The court provides noontime interactive training to answer questions about File & Serve and eCourt. Upcoming dates are available on the court website.

New Courthouse Open House - April 21, 4-6pm
The downtown courthouse will host an Open House on Thursday, April 21, in the Jury Orientation room.

Ten eCourt Tips

Consider "white-listing" the following email addresses, from which you will receive court notifications:
1.    Court_notification@ojd.state.or.us
2.    Hearing_rescheduled@ojd.state.or.us
3.    Hearing_CANCELED@ojd.state.or.us
4.    Hearing_scheduled@ojd.state.or.us
5.    Judgment@ojd.state.or.us

Civil Motion Panel Statement of Consensus

Oregon Council on Court Procedures

eCourt Changes
Please review the attached notices pertaining to electronically signed documents and email notification, both of which took effect on November 16.

Courthouse Update
The pre-design phase of the new Multnomah County Courthouse process continues. The court and other potential occupants have been meeting with the project design team regularly. The architects have been gathering input to solidify the square footage and adjacency requirements for the new building. The next phase will be the actual design of the building and the development of floor plans.

eFiling Became Mandatory December 1, 2014

Please review the information on eFiling, which is now mandatory in Multnomah County. See the out-of-cycle SLRs which deal with restrictions regarding the filing of ex parte documents.

Courthouse sites chosen by Multnomah County Commissioners
Thursday, December 18, 2014 the commissioners unanimously chose property owned by the county at the west end of the Hawthorne Bridge as their preferred site for the new downtown courthouse. They named a block-size parking lot between KOIN Center and the Marriott Hotel as the backup. The preferred site was chosen because of its proximity to the justice center, and because the county already owns the property, which will save taxpayers approximately $20 million (the value of the backup location). The county project team will report to the board in 90 days for final approval of the site selection. In the interim, county officials will conduct environmental and other pre-construction work. The goal is to have a new courthouse, with an estimated price tag of $250 million, open by 2020.

National Center for State Courts report on county central courthouse project

Current Courthouse reports and documents from county website

2016 SLRs are available for review and comment
SLRs for 2016 are available for review, and become effective February 1.

Oregon eCourt System Components Overview


The Oregon Judicial Information Network (OJIN) is the original green-screen, COBOL-language case management system developed in the 1980s, and running to this day as the heart of the Oregon Judicial Department's circuit court case management system. Within the scope of OJIN is included the Financial Information and Accounting System, and a later-developed Graphical User Interface (GUI) component to the original OJIN, known as GUI/OJIN. OJIN will run forever, but it will never leave the 1980s, and everyone who knows how to program in COBOL has retired or will soon. On both scores, it is time to move to web-based technology and a person-based system.

OJIN OnLine is the version of OJIN that can be run externally from the Oregon Judicial Department (OJD) network over the web. Using third-party software, users access an image of OJIN. It is a subscriber-based system based on usage. To use the system, offices buy one or more log-on credentials and pay a monthly fee for use. One log on could be used serially by many individuals, one at a time.

In June of 2012, the OJIN OnLine log on changed. There were now two icons on the screen - one for OJIN, and a new one for the Oregon eCourt Case Information (OECI) system. With the passage of HB 4066, the name OJIN OnLine may soon be replaced with Oregon Judicial Case Information Network (OJCIN). The main change accomplished by HB 4066 is the perpetuation of revenue and fees for access and use of OJCIN systems made up of Appellate Case Management System (ACMS), OJIN, OECI and Oregon eFile and Serve for now. The revenue collected from these fees is dedicated to the support and maintenance of the OJCIN systems.

The Oregon eCourt Case Information system is the name given to the new system by the OJD. The entire system comprises components purchased or operated by Tyler Technologies, Inc., the vendor of Odyssey. Odyssey is a "person-based" case, document and revenue management system; it is the heart of the Oregon eCourt. When you hear someone from OJD refer to "Odyssey," they are speaking specifically about this case management component, which holds all the case documents, all the case hearings, all of the case revenue transactions, and all of the related software to permit this system to be the management system for Oregon's circuit courts. About 12 states have selected Tyler Technologies' Odyssey product as a statewide solution for their court systems.

Oregon eFile and Serve
Another product that is a part of Oregon eCourt is the Tyler Technologies' electronic filing software known as File and Serve. This product was acquired by Tyler Technologies and was known formerly as Wiznet eFile and Serve. Tyler now operates this product under its own name. The financial model for Odyssey eFile and Serve is "software as a service," and there is a fee for each use of the system. In 2013, it was decided that the fee for using the Oregon eFile and Serve system would be covered by a one-time, 5%, across-the-board increase in filing fees dedicated to this purpose. HB 4066 has made that revenue stream, and the fee increase, a permanent part of the structure. The "user" fee for Oregon eFile and Serve will be paid from this source, and not directly by the party using the system.